The XV edition of the INDEPENDENCE CUP championship will be played between September 3rd to 7th, 2020 and is intended for the 2006/2007 and 2008/2009 classes in Soccer 11 format, while the 2010/2011 classes they will do in Soccer 9 format, being able to register a maximum of 18 players in 11v11 Soccer and 15 players in 9v9 Soccer. The matches will be played on synthetic turf pitches and will be first level stadiums and infrastructure.


Each campus can have a maximum of 2 (two) adults (accredited technician and delegate), being able to register a medical professional on the payroll as part of the campus, but who will not have official accreditation of the championship.

The delegates or members of the coaching staff are the only people with the corresponding authorization to enter the field to represent and remain during their team matches, as well as to make inquiries, make complaints, raise concerns at the polling station tables or at the organization.


The documentation allowed proving the identity of the player is: National Identity Card, Passport or Valid Documents to enter the country in the case of foreign teams. All official documents must have a photo, those documents that do not have photos or have fingerprints to determine the identity of the players, will not be valid for participation in the international championship. The delegates must have in their power ALWAYS, the documents or cards of their players for the case that is necessary any verification requested by the organization, otherwise they have the risk of losing the points of the game or being disqualified from the championship.


The delegate, who wishes to verify the documents of the opposing players, can only do so, at the control table determined by the organization, one hour before the start of the match played by his team, not being able to make any kind of claim once the game has started. If any doubt persists in the identity of any player/ s, the delegate or technician, duly accredited, must present the protest officially.


The foreign and national teams will be checked and accredited one hour before the start of each match in the stadium assigned for the dispute of their first match on September 30th. The local or regional teams must arrive at the assigned courts where the matches will be played with enough time for the accreditation of the series.

The accreditation of the players will take place on the first day, and the lists of good faith can be completed until the start of the third match corresponding to the Qualifying Phase. The teams must appear at the Control Table one hour before the start of the game, with their players changed with the game clothes, accompanied by their documentation and must have the numbered shirts always coinciding with the form.

The planners will be responsible for putting an identification bracelet to each player that will allow him to be able to play matches. This bracelet is the security that belongs to its corresponding series and can not be altered, cut, removed or violated during the time the event lasts, as it is prepared to be wet, used and even stained. After placing the bracelet, a COMPULSORY GROUP PHOTO will be taken.

The team roster must be prepared for the first match and will be taken as a good faith list during the tournament. The players will NOT be able to change the number of the shirt that appears in the form, during the whole tournament, unless clarification to the control table. If a team does not complete sufficient clothing to identify each player with a different number, they must arbitrate the means available for the correct identification of the players, by the referees of each match as well as the planners.

Each team must pass each day through the control desk and in case of not having the wristband visible, the player will be credited with his documentation; Team that does not do so will be subject to sports sanctions during the competition. Player without the identification bracelet that is detected by the rival team or the referee could generate the loss of the points of the team; in the event that he can not verify the identity of the player involved or identified

The lists of Good Faith or Game Schedules may not be adulterated at any time during the competition.

An exception of power will be allowed to REPEAT a player of a minor category in a greater one, as long as that player is identified at the beginning of the championship and CAN NOT BE CHANGED BY ANOTHER who appears in the list in good faith. In other words, the minor player who can also play in the major series must be previously identified for the corresponding double accreditation, to avoid confusion. The organization is NOT responsible for any injury or problems that the player may have when playing in two categories on the same day. Likewise, it is established that the team that opted for such UNIQUE benefit will not be able to claim or protest the schedules established in the matches of the different categories at any stage of the championship, since the programming is previously delivered with all scheduled games for the correct functioning of the tournament.

On the other hand, a player may be replaced by another in the list in good faith, for a serious injury that is verified by the doctors of the organization, which will determine whether or not the player can continue playing the tournament. If approved by the medical practitioner, the damaged team may substitute said player for another of the same age or minor that does not appear in any of the lists of the divisions of the institution, being able to analyze said case for the delegations of other states, countries foreigners or for those who are not from Port Chester.

All teams that are always prepared in the vicinity of the designated courts in the schedule for the matches are requested, in order not to delay the start of the stipulated matches and to locate them as quickly as possible in case that the organization needs to contact them for any reason.


The organization will provide in advance and with sufficient time the programming of each series (bracket) and each participating team; reserving the right to make changes in the schedule, both in regard to the formation of groups, form of dispute, as schedules and fields of play.

Information on the changes will be made directly to the team leader or delegate and will also be updated on the official website and the Facebook INDEPENDENCE CUP page.


In case of suspension of days due to bad weather conditions, the suspended dates will be recovered in the morning or afternoon, and in some cases there may be a double header day. Also, in case of prolonged bad weather for several days, the organization could arrange the definition by other means.

If a match has already been played the first full time plus 5 minutes of the second period and must be suspended due to weather conditions, the result recorded so far will be final and will not play the missing minutes; that is, the match will be considered finished.

The organization will have another type of tournament to the one officially planned and presented, that is, change the form of dispute, if necessary to do so in order to comply with the dates and the final stages.


INDEPENDENCE CUP clarifies that in case of suspensions of matches for one or more days, either due to climatic conditions or due to force majeure outside the event, the teams must normally pay for the stays and meals, taking into account that the services provided for these Sometimes, they are independent of the reality of what happens in the championship.

INDEPENDENCE CUP and the management entities of the hired accommodations are not responsible for the losses or thefts that may be caused during the stay of the delegation in the different places of accommodation as well as on the premises. All participants are kindly asked not to leave valuables in the accommodation.

INDEPENDENCE CUP is not responsible for injuries, illnesses, theft or damage to property; nor is it responsible for economic losses or damages in case of accidents, police actions, and measures taken by public authorities, strikes, blockades or similar actions.

Every player must have the medical qualification of physical fitness to practice this sport, assuming the absolute responsibility of the player and the institution he represents, the non-compliance with the required certification. Also, player insurance and life insurance is paid by your institution.

Finally, it is specified that on the premises spectator insurance will be provided for the general public, an ambulance service and / or a protected area with doctors during the tournament, to meet basic needs.


All the internal movements of the respective delegations from the shelters to the premises where they play, as from different points of the city or the region, will be carried out on their own, being able to contract the official services that the organization has at reasonable prices.


The entrance fee will be $ 2 dollars at any of the sports facilities.


COPA ORO: Champion, Runner-up, 3rd and 4th place: Trophy for the club and individual medals for the players registered in the game forms of all the series.

SILVER CUP: Champion and Runner-up: Trophy for the club and individual medals for the players registered in the game forms of all the series.

BRONZE CUP: Champion and Runner-up: Trophy for the club and individual medals for the players registered in the game forms of all the series.

FAIR PLAY Cup: The organization will reward the entity that stands out for responsibility, fair play; conduct on and off the field of play, etc. For the calculations linked to the yellow and red cards, the following will be taken: Red Card (-3 points) and Yellow Card (-1 point).


It is strictly forbidden to consume drugs and alcoholic beverages on public parks and sports grounds; it is a state law as the organization will not sell this type of drinks. Those people who are consuming this type of drinks or those that produce excesses due to the consumption of this type of drinks will be removed by the Police or Security personnel of the organization without any claims.



The regulations with which the competition will be developed will be the same as that applied by the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA), in addition to the following exceptions mentioned in these regulations made by the OSORNO CUP organization.


1) FIELDS OF GAME: These are professional regulation courts. Within the sporting issues to be remarked it is necessary to mention that in no division the goalkeeper will be able to take the ball with the hands of an intentional pass of a team-mate, a throw-in or any circumstance of the game. Soccer 7 courts are small.

2) SUBSTITUTIONS: All substitutions may be made during the match with the authorization of the referee, and the retired player may not re-enter. The maximum of substitutions is 7 (seven). A change may also be made at the request of the referee for duly established reasons of force majeure, but with the game stopped. In the Soccer 7 categories, the changes are free, that is, the player who leaves can re-enter again.

3) BALLS: The balls that will be used in each football division 11 will be No. 5 and in football 7 will be No. 4.

4) PLAYING TIME: The playing time is 20 minutes for each period with 5 rest periods.

5) SPORTS FOOTWEAR: The use of booties with changeable metal or aluminum plugs is not allowed and the use of shin guards is mandatory to preserve the physical integrity of each player.


The dispute system will be defined according to the number of teams per division. It will be a priority to play in areas of 4 teams each, which will determine that the teams located in the 1st and 2nd place will qualify to the semifinals of the Gold Cup, while the teams positioned as 3rd and 4th will play the semifinals of the Silver Cup. The losers of the Copa Plata semifinals will play the Bronze Cup Final. At least 5 matches are played that the organization guarantees for the development of this championship.


3 points will be awarded for victory, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.


In case of a tie between two or more teams in the Qualifying Phase or Final Round by Groups, the definition of the

positions will be considering exclusively the disputed parties as follows:

1) Results of the matches between them during the Qualifying Phase or Final Round by Groups.

2) Difference of goal between the teams matched in the position to be broken and taking into account the results of the matches played among themselves exclusively.

3) Greater number of goals in favor taking into account those converted into matches with each other exclusively.

4) Greater difference of goals in favor in the general positions of the Qualifying Phase or Final Round by Groups.

5) Greater number of goals in favor in the general positions of the Qualifying Phase or Final Round by Groups.

6) Per execution of batches of 5 penalties (only to define a position in a qualifying group or Final Round).

7) In case of not being able to execute the penalties, it will be done by lottery.

If the tie occurs in any of the instances of the FINAL ROUND after having finished the regulation time, the definition will be as follows: a series of three (3) penalties will be played alternately and with different players, only those players who have finished playing the game; and in case of equality persisting, after the series of three (3) penalties, it will be continued executing in series of one (1) until its completion, and the performer of the series of three (3) can not be repeated. If the equality persists and all the players have been used, the performer may be repeated without the pre-established order.

In the final instances of the Gold Cup, the Silver Cup and the Bronze Cup, in case the matches can not be played due to rain, the measures will be finalized to be able to play the games in another format with different numbers of players if necessary, otherwise will define that or the instances that are necessary by means of series of penal.



The organizing entity will form a Sports Disciplinary Court, to deal with the reports of the referees, in the case of expulsions and / or conduct of the players, technicians or delegates of the participating teams, with the sanction to be applied in an unappealable capacity. The expulsion of any player or member of the coaching staff will determine the provisional suspension of the offender until the organization decides otherwise and issues an official statement. The yellow cards are not cumulative, therefore there will be no suspension due to accumulation of yellow cards; but they will be computed for the FAIR PLAY Cup. The acts against ethics, morals and good customs will be penalized with the automatic elimination of the series or series of the offender team in the continuation of the tournament on any of the days that it is playing and will lose the rights to prizes.


The referees designated for this championship are those authorized by the Department of Sports of the Illustrious Municipality of Port Chester. The 11 football matches will be played with assistant referees, ie line judges; while the football matches 7 will be made with a single referee. No appeal can be made against the decisions of the Disciplinary Tribunal determined by the organization of the championship.


Having as premise that all the games have to be played, the start time will be rigorously respected, being the tolerance of 20 minutes in case the organization determines it. Only this tolerance will be taken in the first match played on each of the designated courts and on each day.

The tolerance for the successive matches will be of only 15 minutes, since the time established by the organization is prudential and according to the sport structure of the international event, unless expressly requested by the organization.

If at the established time of the beginning of a match and until the tolerance has passed; one of the teams was not on the field with seven (7) players at least in the 11 football categories; while with five (5) players at least in the 7-a-side football series; It will be given for lost with the score 0 to 1 and the points will be awarded to the opponent who is present to play the game, if this is stipulated and deemed convenient by the organization.

If a team started the game with a lower number of players, it may incorporate the rest until it reaches the statutory amount during the course of the match after the control table has been enabled.

NOTE: In those special cases in which the organization determines it by force majeure, the parties may have a greater tolerance or they may end up being reprogrammed. This is for example in the case of not presenting a team on the field of play in that stipulated period, the Organization reserves the right to decide whether to remove the points, or otherwise schedule the game at another time, and that the premise of the tournament is to play all scheduled games for the normal development of the edition of the contest.


In the case of a non-presentation of a participating institution in any of the parties programmed by the organization, it will be considered lost with the result 0 to 1; and the victory will be granted to the rival team in turn that is present to play the game.

Likewise, in the event that neither team is in the statutory conditions of starting the game, and once the tolerance established by the organization has elapsed, both will be considered lost, with the score 0 to 0. For the case that is determine that the non-presentation was voluntary to favor another team or the same offender or disadvantage another team, the organization may order the expulsion of the infringing institution with all divisions. If a team withdraws from the playing field during the development of the match for any reason or interest, it will automatically be eliminated from the tournament with that category, and the result will be taken as a non-presentation of equipment with the score 0 to 1, unless there is at that time a greater difference in favor of the team that remained on the court.


In case of wanting to make any protest or denunciation of any kind, it must be presented in writing with the signature of the person in charge of the relevant delegation, before 30 minutes after the end of the match and having as maximum time the end of the following I find that it is played on the same court where the game in question was played. Together with the formal protest in writing, a prior deposit of CLP 200,000 (two hundred thousand Chilean pesos) or US $ 300 (three hundred US dollars) must be presented to the organization of the international event at the general administrative table of the championship.

If the same is successful, the whole of the deposit will be returned to the reporting entity, otherwise it will remain in the possession of the organization. To the team that is proven adulteration in the documentation and / or stationery or impersonation of persons, will be eliminated and will lose the rights to the awards established by the organization.

Likewise, in all cases of verbal protests, the organization will NOT address the issues raised because they lack validity, despite taking into account the circumstances to perform or not, an own investigation.


The participants and the public in general are obliged to respect in this General Regulation, the Sports Regulations and the Disciplinary Regulations in all their points. The simple act of participating implies the total acceptance of the same in all its items, without being able to protest about its integral content.


The organization offers different possibilities of accommodation with full or no pension, to facilitate the decisions of each delegation that participates in OSORNO CUP, this according to the budgets that each participating entity can have. The teams that do NOT stay in any of the existing alternatives offered by the organization CAN NOT PARTICIPATE in any of their respective series.


It is recalled that all delegations must pay a fee to the entry of the accommodations to avoid all kinds of problems related to possible breakages in these establishments. The amount is determined in 200 dollars or 150 thousand Chilean pesos and will be reimbursed in case all the facilities are in total normality when leaving the sports delegation.


Any situation not contemplated in this Regulation, will be resolved by