Tournament pictures

INDEPENDENCE CUP will outsource the photography of the tournament. Those interested in being part of our organization can communicate with the organizers in order to reach an agreement and joint work that will then make it possible to show in this section the best photos of the international championship that will take place next August.


INDEPENDENCE CUP is not responsible for injuries, illnesses, theft or damage to property; nor is it responsible for economic losses or damages in case of accidents, police actions, and measures taken by public authorities, strikes, blockades or similar actions. Every player must have the medical fitness physical qualification to develop this sport, assuming the absolute responsibility of the player and the institution he represents, the breach of the required certification. It is essential to know the possible allergies that each player could have for their assistance if necessary. Also, the player insurance and life insurance is for the sole account of the institution to which each player represents. Within the premises the organization will provide life insurance for players and spectators for the general public, as well as an ambulance service, a protected area and doctors at the event.


The delegations must take charge of the own internal mobility during the competition, unless it has been contracted with the organization previous purchase of the promotional package of accommodation that has it included. In case of not having such availability, the organization has established several agreements with people specialized in transport, being able to get prices that are beneficial for mobility in INDEPENDENCE CUP.

Those interested can contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact by phone or WhatsApp: César Aliaga (Tournament Director) +1 914-557-6444